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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Freedom Downtime-Story of Kevin Metnick

Kevin Metnick the name that requires no introduction . A personality that is complete in itself and a talent people dream to possess. But in this road to success of name and fame there is something known as struggle that every individual passes too and same happened with idols of many Kevin Metnick too.

Free Kevin Freedom downtime

Freedom Downtime is a Documentary based on Kevin Metnick and also Winner of the "Audience Award for Documentaries" at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, 2002.
Free Kevin freedom downtime

 He went to jail for nothing more than copying software, but was "convicted" by the media both for breaking into NORAD as well as causing millions of dollars in damage to a software-company.Freedom Downtime releases the reasons why authorities are so scared of Metnick and it also tells what exactly he did . But to my surprise there was no real evidence regarding anything against Metnick.
And that gave a start to a movement named Free Kevin movement that slowly and steadily was grasping the attention of the masses .

See the full video to get the story or if I start I feel like I will tell you the full story .

Download -

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Final Call

Let me tell you from before this movie does not has animations like Iron Man but it does contain something known as information .Every species who is associated with tech species for them its a must watch movie. You will also know many things related to Hacking Culture . So I say it again a must watch movie and do watch it . Let us know your experience in comments . Till then Bye bye and Hats off to the dominating and  very dominating Hacking culture .

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